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YouTube Leanback Now Works With All Videos

By Ricky on October 16th, 2010 


In preparation for the launch of Google TV, the YouTube team has made some improvements to YouTube Leanback. YouTube Leanback is designed for large screens with the users sitting farther away – like while watching a TV.


When Leanback was introduced earlier, some videos were not available because of licensing issues. It seems like they have been working hard and now all the videos on YouTube is available on Leanback.

Another change is that Leanback is no longer ads free. Now pre-roll and overlay ads, like those in the regular YouTube, now appears on Leanback.

You do not need a Google TV to try out Leanback. Just go to from any browser from your computer to see it in action.

To me the Leanback interface feels like a winner. It works very well. But I was using it on my laptop. It could be an altogether different story when you are watching it on a TV 10 feet away.



YouTube Leanback Now Works With All Videos was originally published on on October 16, 2010 - 11:11 pm (Indian Standard Time)