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The all new Digsby gets better and faster

By Debjit on September 21st, 2009 

digsby-logoDigsby is one of the most popular (or atleast one can say that its getting popular day by day) proprietary multi-protocol instant messaging application. Its creator dotSyntax, LLC just came out with a new release - 'build 65'. This release tries to erase the crap-ware/evil-ware image that the otherwise beautiful piece of application had been carrying around in the past.

The release includes some major improvements like the all new interactive Facebook Newsfeed which includes the ability to comment and 'like' right from within the Digsby, added full support for MySpaceIM so that you can chat with your friends, the improved installer which no longer includes those "bundled" offers. It also includes over 20 other bug fixes and several other enhancements.

We tried out the new release and were quite impressed by the cleaner touch and the feature-richness. It truly has the potential to be the most popular IM client out there. Download and try it out for yourself.


The all new Digsby gets better and faster was originally published on on September 21, 2009 - 2:54 am (Indian Standard Time)