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Google Launches – A Single Point Search Across Multiple Google Products

By Debjit on June 28th, 2011 

Google today silently launches a new internet service WDYL stands for “What Do You Love?” The basic idea of the new service is to offer a single point search across different Google Products. The service is live, though seems it will take some time for it to work properly. You can notice "" does not work as it returns a 404 error, so use instead .

Google has recently done quite a lot of improvements and changes in its search service. The new wdyl is quite interesting in its own way. When you submit any query in the wdyl box, it will return a page having different boxes in which are the results coming form various Google products arranged side by side. These boxes contain the results from Google' products such as - Image Search, Gmail, Google alert, YouTube videos, Picassa, Google Voice, Chrome, Maps, News, Blogger.  From there you can navigate to any search result you wish to.

The page is visually impressive. The results are grouped within boxes and in a proper way. So, you will not take any time to understand things. The idea behind the service is quite simple and will surely help users to save their time as they would now not open different tabs and search the queries. They can now get everything at one place. Have a look on the service.


Google Launches – A Single Point Search Across Multiple Google Products was originally published on on June 28, 2011 - 1:46 pm (Indian Standard Time)