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HeyWire Releases Android App – Now Text To Anywhere In The World For Free!

By Ricky on January 31st, 2011 

Social media startup, HeyWire, has released an Android app for its service. HeyWire for Android integrates SMS and Facebook chat in one neat package. The Android app also comes with a widget from which users can access it quickly.

The best part of its app is without any doubt the SMS feature. When you sign up for its service, you will be provided with a phone number. The app allows you to send texts to people in 146 countries for free even if they are not HeyWire users. They can text you back using the number HeyWire has provided for you. People who text a lot will really appreciate this app. The free SMS service is available to a number of mobile service providers in a total of 146 countries at the time of writing this. However in India, you can send the free SMS to only people on IDEA Cellular.

One thing to note though, the number HeyWire provides is an US number. So, if you are texting with a non-HeyWire user, they will be charged for the normal rate for texting to US if they text back. Of course, this is no problem if they too use HeyWire.

HeyWire is available in the Android market now for free. You can install it using the AppBrain widget below.

Note: The widget takes a little time to load. Please wait.


HeyWire Releases Android App – Now Text To Anywhere In The World For Free! was originally published on on January 31, 2011 - 10:57 pm (Indian Standard Time)