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The content produced at is a joint effort of the following authors. Of course, it is because of you all readers visiting our website and going through the content here, we get all the inspiration for bringing out all the good stuff ūüôā

Current Team

Ricky (Editor-In-Chief) : Ricky is an Ubuntu and Fedora user. Ricky is passionate about open source technologies. At, he writes about various things in Linux (especially Ubuntu) and other latest Technology news as it happens!

e-mail: ricky [at] digitizor [dot] com | twitter: @ricky_lais


Debjit (Editor) : Debjit is a Fedora Linux fan boy who is a regular Windows user too! At, he mainly writes about Windows and Microsoft and the ever changing web (Internet)!

e-mail: debjit [at] digitizor [dot] com | twitter: @dkd903


Zenobia (Author) : The only female author at, has a great taste and appetite for Technology. Zenobia is one of the few chics out there who can be called as "Beauty with Brains" in true sense!

e-mail: zorroh [at] digitizor [dot] com


Nihal (Author) : Nihal is an internet(web) fan boy always looking to hunt down the big news and happenings of this ever changing world. He has interest in the big players of technology and covers their news.

twitter: @nihalsharma

Ankur (Author) : Ankur is a computer enthusiast and love experimenting new things. He loves knowing more about technology and gadgets . His interest lies in security solutions, new emerging technologies, gadgets and software. Ankur supports Linux and likes learning more about it. He also love studying when it comes to Computer Science subjects.

twitter: @ankurandu | website:


Vishnu Mohandas (Author) : Vishnu is a 3rd Year Student (CSE) at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. He is interested in coding, playing the violin, modding his Android phone and blogging.

Past Contributors

Arijit : Arijit has deep knowledge about core technologies. He has written about stuff ranging from Processors to Software! Currently he has gone into a dormant mode at and is pursuing a career in Web Development.

Shashank : Shashank is a Microsoft fanboi and loves eating Pizzas. He has written about Windows hacks and tricks at

If you would like to join our team, then send a mail to mailman [at] digitizor [dot] com

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