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Microsoft To Bring Out A New Filesystem In Windows 8 – ReFS

Software giant Microsoft is all set to launch an all new file system, ReFS with its next operating system Windows 8, in late 2012. ReFS stands for Resilient File System, and has been designed to meet Windows storage needs – having shared storage pools across systems, ability to large volumes and a resilience to corruption….

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By Debjit

Google switching to EXT4 filesystem

Google switching to EXT4 filesystem

Google is in the process of upgrading their existing EXT2 filesystem to the new and improved EXT4 filesystem. Michael Rubin, who is in Google, shares that while EXT2 has been serving Google very well all these years, it has what is called “Read Inflation” – of which we will not go into details.

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By Ricky

NILFS2 – Whats all the buzz about?

NILFS2 is an acronym for “New Implementation of a Log-Structured File System Version 2”. This file system is one of the two new file systems, along with EXOFS, that was incorporated in the recently released Linux Kernel 2.6.30. According to the kernel documentation, NILFS is a new implementation of a log-structured file system (LFS) supporting…

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By Ricky

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