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Microsoft Reveals Windows 8 App Store & Advanced Power Management Features

Microsoft today revealed the first exclusive list of games which will be available in the preview version of Windows Store for Windows 8 Metro. The public preview of the app store along with the ‘Consumer Preview’ of the Windows 8 OS will be launched in late February, and one can expect some more high profile…

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By Debjit

Interview with BootStrapToday CEO and Co-Founder Anand Agarwal

We recently caught up with Anand Agarwal, CEO and Co-Founder at Sensible Softwares Pvt. Ltd, the company behind the online integration platform BootStrapToday. Starting out as a small startup in 2009, with three partners and a vision, Sensible Softwares happens to be Mr. Agarwal’s first business. BootStrapToday was launched in 2010 in beta and gathered…

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By Debjit

BootStrapToday – Online Project Collaboration Made Easy

Dashboard - BootStrapToday

The online collaborative and project management SaaS product by Sensible Softwares Private Limited is a neat online tool which aims at helping software developers to manage projects better by increasing collaboration among team members and reduce the productivity gap between them. It is an integrated and intelligent Application Life Cycle Management platform for software development…

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By Debjit

2 must have Laptop battery management tools for Windows

2 must have Laptop battery management tools for Windows

In this article we will tell you about two tools using which you can work more efficiently and extract more juice out of your Laptop battery during work.

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By Debjit

Top Indian B-Schools join Twitter, turn to the power of 140

Twitter has already become a phenomena. Almost all celebrities and business hot-shots are  on twitter. Everyone now understands the power of twitter and how effective a platform it is when it comes to conveying a message to the masses. To harness this power of twitter, all famous MBA colleges (B-Schools) in India have joined Twitter.

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By Debjit

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