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MyDressMyStyle Makes Mobiles Accessories Fashionable With Colorful Mobile Skins

The mobile market is booming in India, with the availability of more and more phones in the lower price range band. With the rise in number of mobile users, mobile accessories are also emerging as a lucrative business directly connected to the mobile market. Taking advantage of this growth, Atul Mittal’s MyDressMyStyle aims to target…

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By Debjit
Advertisement – Book Classifieds Adverts In Print Newspapers Online - Book image ads in Print newspapers, online

Print media is still one of the leading sources of news for the masses in India. And if you want to advertise your product and reach your target user-base, then placing an advertisement in the news papers is still one of the best ways to promote your business or your products. However, going to the…

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By Debjit

How To Launch KSnapshot with the “Print Screen” key in Kubuntu 9.04

How To Launch KSnapshot with the “Print Screen” key in Kubuntu 9.04

In KDE 4.x, by default when we press the Print Screen key, the screenshot is taken and the image is copied to the clipboard. If we want to us this image we have to open an image editor program and past the picture and then save it. To launch KSnapshot instead of just copying the…

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By Ricky

How-To capture only a specific portion of the screen in Windows 7?

Windows 7 provides you with a tool called the Snipping Tool, with the help of which you could actually select a portion of the screen whose screenshot is to be taken. This is very helpful since you are now freed of the hassle of ‘Prnt Scrn’-ing the entire screen and cropping the required portion out….

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By Debjit

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