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Fedora 15 “LoveLock” To Get MySQL 5.5 & PostGreSQL 9

Fedora 15 “LoveLock” To Get MySQL 5.5 & PostGreSQL 9

Fedora has always kept it’s promise of bringing cutting-edge computer technology to it’s users. It has now been confirmed that Fedora 15 “LoveLock” will ship two database packages: MySQL 5.5 and PostGreSQL 9.

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By Debjit

Systemd In Fedora Deferred Till Fedora 15

The inclusion of systemd was supposed to be one of the main improvements in Fedora 14 “Laughlin”. The first alpha of Fedora 14 was shipped with systemd. However, there has been a change of plan – there will be no systemd in Fedora 14. Instead they will now focus on getting systemd in Fedora 15….

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By Ricky

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