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Either The Trend Micro Chairman Is Completely Clueless Or He Is Spreading FUD

Steve Chang, the Chairman of Trend Micro, has kicked up a controversy by claiming that open source software are inherently less secure. When talking about the security of smartphone, Chang claimed that the iPhone is more secure than Android because being an open-source platform, attackers know more about the underlying architecture. Android is open-source, which…

 Android   General   Linux   Security  

By Ricky

Koobface breaks into facebook, again!

Koobface breaks into facebook, again!

If the security firm Trend Micro is to be believed, another variant of the popular koobface worm has made its way into facebook again. But this time, it’s not only facebook that’s getting affected, other social-networking sites like MySpace, hi5, LiveJournal etc too are not being spared. If you recall, ‘koobface’ was first identified in…

 Computers   Facebook   General   Microsoft   News   Social Media   Troubleshoot   Web  

By Debjit

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