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Microsoft To Discontinue IE6; Launches

IE6 Worldwide Usage

So, it’s official. Microsoft has finally pulled the plug on Internet Explorer 6 browser. IE6 has always been a pain for web developers and designers owing to it’s lack of newer and emerging W3 standards. Many big organizations like Google and Facebook have already discontinued support for IE6 on their various products. Read: YouTube to…

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By Zenobia on March 7th
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Google Wave To Be Discontinued

Google Wave To Be Discontinued

Google has announced in a blog post that they will discontinue their innovative communication platform – Google Wave. When it was launched, Google Wave created a hype, perhaps, never seen before anything that else that Google has launched before (or is the hype because of twitter?). Invites for Google Wave as at a premium and…

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By Ricky on August 5th
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Yahoo! Geocities to be discontinued, new registrations closed

Yahoo! Geocities to be discontinued, new registrations closed

Yahoo! Geocities is something which I bet every one who has been on the internet since ‘97 will know about.  Geocities is a free service from Yahoo which helps you with a free web site and features that include a easy-to-use site building tool, a customisation tool and more. Geocities has helped many people create…

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By Debjit on April 23rd
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