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How To Install Sublime Text Editor in Fedora / RedHat?

Install Sublime Text Editor in Fedora Linux & Red Hat Linux

Sublime Text 2 is one of the best cross-platform code editors out there. Given the fact that my work needs me to shuffle between all the three platforms Linux, Mac OS and Windows, I always prefer code editor that looks and feels same on all these three operating systems. And apart from the looks, the…

 How-To   Linux   Software  

By Debjit on April 24th
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How To Manually Change Or Fix Extended Monitor Resolution In Ubuntu / Debian?

Linux Fix / Change Monitor Screen Resolution

Monitor resolutions and especially extended monitor resolutions can be real pain at times. Although Ubuntu’s monitor resolution detection is really smart but at times it can give you a bad day! Working on extended monitor setup is helpful as it saves you time. Well, in this article we will show you how you can manually…

 How-To   Linux  

By Debjit on September 8th
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CentOS Linux 6.0 Released

CentOS 6.0 Logo

The CentOS team just announced the availability of CentOS Linux version 6.0 for both i386 and x86_64 architectures. CentOS 6.0 is based on the upstream release of RHEL 6.0 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and includes packages from all variants.

 Linux   News  

By Debjit on July 11th
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Wayland May Be Included In Fedora As Early As Fedora 15

Wayland May Be Included In Fedora As Early As Fedora 15

Last week Mark Shuttleworth announced plans for Ubuntu to move away from X towards Wayland. Granted it is a long a time away, but a lot of people commended Canonical for such an important decision, which can potentially take desktop Linux to the next level (graphics wise).

 Linux   News  

By Ricky on November 12th
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Canonical Contributes Only 1% To GNOME; Red Hat Contributes 16%

Canonical Contributes Only 1% To GNOME; Red Hat Contributes 16%

At GUADEC, Dave Neary presented the results of the GNOME Census. The results reveal some very interesting findings. Around 70% of the developers identify themselves as volunteer and 70% of the commits made in the GNOME releases are made by paid developers. Now, here is the part that has started out something like a war…

 General   Linux   News  

By Ricky on July 30th
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How to install linux build and kernel headers for fedora/redhat/centos?

Installing Build and Kernel Headers for your Linux distribution is very easy using theĀ  yum tool available in Red Hat based systems. Fedora which is the Community’s free Red Hat , can also have the Linux Build and Kernel headers installed using the yum tool. Just use the following command to install the build and…

 Articles   How-To   Linux   OS  

By Debjit on June 17th
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