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LG Launches 3D Monitor With Eye Tracker – GoodBye 3D Goggles!

DX2000 - 3D monitor from LG with Eye-Tracking

LG’s new 3D desktop monitor – DX2000 with an Eye Tracking technology bids a sweet goodbye to 3D goggles! The monitor’s web camera tracks your eye movements in order to create a 3D experience for you. Find out more about this all new monitor from LG.

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By Debjit

34% Of iPhone Users Think They Already Have 4G

34% Of iPhone Users Think They Already Have 4G

According to a survey conducted by Retrevo, a third of the iPhone 4 owners believe that their phone supports 4G wireless technology.

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By Debjit

EyeNetra – Your $2 Eye Testing Tool That Works

The human eye is one of the most precious organs in our body. However due to lack of cheap and affordable eye care facilities, many people around the around in various countries become the victims of blindness.In order to address all these problems, few scientists and students at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge Massachusetts…


By Ricky

“Sea Ray” – Nokia’s First Windows Phone 7 Device

Nokia "Sea Ray" - Powered by Windows Phone 7 Mango

If you have been waiting very impatiently about the first Windows Phone 7 (WP7) device from Nokia, then your wait is somewhat over. Here are a few leaked pictures of the Nokia’s first WP7 powered mobile phone. You can see that the phone has a 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and runs Windows…

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By Debjit

Patent War Between Nokia and Apple Comes To An End – Apple Agrees To Pay Nokia

After almost two years of litigation of Nokia and Apple suing and counter suing each other, the patent war between the two companies has come to an end. Nokia and Apple have arrived at a settlement and both of them have agreed to withdraw all their patent lawsuits against each other.

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By Ricky

Google Chromebook Is Here; Get Your’s June 15 Onwards

Google Chromebook by Acer

Google has finally put up it’s Chromebook (a minimum capability netbook which runs the Chrome OS) for sale. You will be able to buy one of these netbooks from Amazon or Bestbuy starting from June 15, 2011. The Chromebooks have been manufactured by Samsung and ACER which means you will have two options when you…

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By Debjit

Copy – Paste Feature Comes To Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 users finally have something to rejoice. Microsoft has started rolling out the NoDo update to users of Windows Phone 7 devices which has many features and improvements such as the System wide Copy Paste, improved Wi-Fi performance and faster application loading times.

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By Debjit

The “Facebook Keyboard” Is Here!

Facebook Keyboard

Though not from Facebook, but S.N.A.K – Social Networks Access Keyboard can be termed as a Facebook Keyboard in true sense. S.N.A.K has 19 extra keys (11 on the left side & 8 on the right side) for performing various Facebook operations such as posting status updates, posting comments, liking posts and uploading photos on…

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By Debjit

Apple Launches iPad 2 With “Smart Covers”

iPad 2: 33% Thinner

Apple has finally launched the next version of it’s tablet – The iPad 2. This new version of the iPad has a number of performance improvements such as a new processor and a faster operating system. The iPad 2 is almost 33% thinner and 0.2 pounds lighter than the 1st generation iPad. Another new feature…

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By Debjit

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