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OpenOffice Forked As LibreOffice

Today the OpenOffice community made a big decision to break away from Oracle and have formed The Document Foundation. Development for OpenOffice has been going on form about a decade now under Sun Microsystem. However, after Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystem, the community have decided to fulfill the promise of independence mentioned in the original…

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By Ricky

How to change the default error document pages in Squid?

Squid is one of the best caching web proxy servers out there. Although it provides a number of  amazing features but the default error page which is served by Squid is very basic and does not look good. So if you are a system administrator you may like to customize or change the default error…

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By Debjit

Do more with Apache via the Command Line!

Do more with Apache via the Command Line!

The command line utility httpd (some debian based distros based use the apache command instead of the httpd command) is just used to stop/start/reload the Apache server daemon. But there is more to httpd than this. We present you with some command-line options that enable you to change and test your apache configuration without manually…

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By Debjit

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