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Official Kinect Drivers & SDK Coming Soon From Microsoft [Rumors]

We have now been hearing about rumors that Microsoft is possibly developing drivers and a software development kit in order to allow developers to build applications leveraging the power of the Kinect. This would essentially lead to the creation of software that would let users hook a kinect onto a Windows PC and start gaming right away.

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By Debjit

Kinect Being Used As “3D Helicopter Radar”

A couple of days back we saw a Kinect based multi-touch like control without touching the surface. Now the Kinect is being used a 3D Radar atop a helicopter.

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By Zenobia

Kinect Hacking: Two More Amazing Kinect Hacks

Evoluce has taken what we saw in Ubuntu to another level. They have developed a full gesture system to control Windows 7. It includes clicking, browsing the media center, web browsing, text input using an onscreen keyboard etc.

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By Ricky

Microsoft Says Yes To Kinect Hacking

Microsoft Says Yes To Kinect Hacking

With new cool hacks for Kinect coming up every other day, Microsoft has taken an u-turn from their earlier decision. Around two week ago when Adafruit announced a bounty for developing an open-source driver for the Kinect, Microsoft made it clear that they condone it. Update: Two more amazing kinect hacks

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By Ricky

Hacked Kinect Brings Futuristic User Interface

The video above is a picture browsing application running in Ubuntu controlled using Microsoft’s Kinect. It allows for a multi-touch like control without touching the surface – like the stuffs we see in Sci-Fi movies. (Click here if you cannot see the embedded video.)

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By Ricky

$2000 Bounty For Open Source Drivers For Kinect

$2000 Bounty For Open Source Drivers For Kinect

Adafruit Industries, an open source hardware developer, has announced an X prize style $2000 bounty to the whoever can first develop open source drivers for Kinetic.

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By Ricky

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