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Richard Stallman’s Opinion On Dual Booting – “Defenestrate It”

We all know that Richard Stallman has some very strong, serious and unconventional views on software freedom. Well, someone decided to ask him his view on dual booting Linux with Windows. His reply? “Defenestrate it.” Defen what? Well, I must also admit that I have never heard this word before. According to Wikipedia, “Defenestration is…

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By Ricky

Should You Be Worried About Chrome OS? Yes, Says Richard Stallmann

Should You Be Worried About Chrome OS? Yes, Says Richard Stallmann

According to Stallman, Chrome OS means users losing control of their data. Although Chrome OS is based on GNU/Linux, it is quite different from other distributions in the sense that it does not allow users to install software and stores as much data as possible in the cloud – which are essentially servers located somewhere.

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By Ricky

OpenOffice Forked As LibreOffice

Today the OpenOffice community made a big decision to break away from Oracle and have formed The Document Foundation. Development for OpenOffice has been going on form about a decade now under Sun Microsystem. However, after Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystem, the community have decided to fulfill the promise of independence mentioned in the original…

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By Ricky

GNOME considering split from GNU Project

The GNOME community is considering a split from the GNU Project. The proposal for the split came from senior GNOME developer Philip Van Hoof who proposed a voting in this matter. For the voting to take place, the proposal need to first get support from 10% of the members. The whole issue started after a…

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By Ricky

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