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Fedora Speed Tweaks – Make Fedora Faster

Fedora Speed Tweaks – Make Fedora Faster

In this article we will show you how you can boost the performance of your box running Fedora 10 and make it faster using a few simple tweaks. As always, we would always recommend you to back your system settings up so that in case of any inadvertant errors you can safely revert back to…

 Computers   Hacks   Linux   Security   Software  

By Debjit

Digitizor Tech Show [Episode 1] – Sniffing Packets using Snort (Basics)

Presenting the Digitizor Tech Show, which will feature a series of video casts pertaining to small hacks on the computer and the networks, which might make your life a bit easier. Nonetheless, if you are new to the topic being covered, don`t worry, just watch through the entire videocast. You might grasp some new stuff….

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By Debjit

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