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4 Strong Reasons Why You Should Use MySQLi And Not MySQL Extenstion

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All my life (till now that is) I have been a self taught programmer and it was like seven years back in 2006 when I first learnt to build my first dynamic website using PHP and MySQL and it has been a long time since then. Well, when I started tutoring PHP and MySQL to…

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By Debjit on July 10th

How To Set Maximum Number of Tables To Display In PHPMyAdmin?

PHPMyAdmin is a really handy web based tool that helps database and web administrators to keep a track of their application databases in a really simple way from anywhere around the world. So, recently I was working on a really big database as a part of some client work. The database was quite huge and…

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By Debjit on December 2nd Has Been Compromised; Used To Server Malware Has Been Compromised; Used To Server Malware

According to reports from security firm, Armorize, has been compromised and the hackers are using the website to serve malware to unsuspecting users. The hackers are reported to have infected the website with JavaScript codes that redirects the visitor to another website which hosts what is known as the BlackHole exploit pack. The BlackHole…

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By Ricky on September 27th

Fedora 15 “LoveLock” To Get MySQL 5.5 & PostGreSQL 9

Fedora 15 “LoveLock” To Get MySQL 5.5 & PostGreSQL 9

Fedora has always kept it’s promise of bringing cutting-edge computer technology to it’s users. It has now been confirmed that Fedora 15 “LoveLock” will ship two database packages: MySQL 5.5 and PostGreSQL 9.

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By Debjit on December 29th

3 Best Free Stackoverflow Clones For PHP-MySQL (Q&A Software)

3 Best Free Stackoverflow Clones For PHP-MySQL (Q&A Software)

Want to start a Stackoverflow like Question / Answer website? In this article we will tell you about 3 (three) PHP based Stackoverflow clone softwares (one ZEND PHP Based) which you can use to start your own Stackoverflow like websites.

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By Debjit on December 1st

InnoDB Storage Engine Dropped From Oracle MySQL Classic Edition

InnoDB Storage Engine Dropped From Oracle MySQL Classic Edition

In a move to make MySQL more profitable, Oracle has dropped support for InnoDB storage engine from the MySQL Classic edition which is available for free.

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By Debjit on November 5th

How To Use MySql Database in Amarok

How To Use MySql Database in Amarok

By default, Amarok uses SQLite to maintain the library and other data such as ratings, play-counts etc. However, Amarok also comes with support for MySQL databases, although it is not enabled by default. With larger library (like mine which is around 50GB) I find that using MySQLis faster than when using SQLite. So, here is…

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By Ricky on May 27th

Twitter ditches MySQL for Cassandra

According to Ryan King, a software engineer at Twitter, the MySQL database used in Twitter is going to be replaced by the open source Cassandra data management system. Cassandra is a new types of data handling systems that are powering large Web applications, particularly social networking sites which deal with hundreds of thousands or millions…

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By Ricky on March 1st

Setting up Mysql database server on Fedora

When you choose to install Mysql from the package selection menu during Fedora Installation, what gets installed apparently  is the mysql-client.  So  when you try to run mysqld at the shell, you may end up getting a socket error. This is because the main component mysql-server is not installed. You can install is simply my…

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By Debjit on January 6th

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