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gmaps.js – Easiest Way To Integrate Google Maps Features In Your Website / Application

gmaps.js - easily integrate / use Google Maps in your website

Google Maps is one of the mostly used and very famous web based maps services available out there. Developers have been using the Google Maps services since a long time for integrating maps, places and location based features in their web or mobile applications or websites. However, one problem is that integrating Google maps in…

 Google   Programming   Tools  

By Debjit

Facebook introduces Timeline Movie Maker app in collaboration with Definition6

Timeline Movie Maker - Sign Up

For all those who’ve upgraded to the new Timeline profile on Facebook, a new app called Timeline Movie Maker is now available which collects the most engaging moments from your timeline, and makes a short one minute personalized movie out of them. The app has been developed by marketing agency Definitions6, along with Facebook. The…

 Facebook   Tools  

By Debjit

Convert PDF To PPT Format Online For Free

Saving presentations as PDF is a very convenient and unique way of making sure that your presentations look just the way you want them to be seen irrespective of the computer or the system they are viewed in. However, at times you tend to forget about the original ppt (powerpoint or presentation file) and you…

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By Debjit

Turn Your Computer Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot With Virtual Router

Virtual Router turns your Windows 7 system into a wi-fi hotspot

Virtual Router is a small utility that turns any Windows 7 or Windows 2008 computer into a Wi-fi Hot Spot just with the click of a button.

 Tools   Windows 7  

By Debjit

The Power Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is gaining utmost importance today. With help of cloud services, you can access your data ,information or services online giving you the advantage of accessing them from anywhere in the world thorough the Internet. If you check your emails regularly then you are also using the cloud power. All your mails are actually…

 General   Networks   Tools  

By Debjit

How To Quit And Restart Fennec (Firefox For Mobile) On Android?

Fennec Logo

If you have been using an Android OS powered mobile phone, then you may have noticed that there is no way to quit or exit an application as Android automatically pauses applications when they are in the background and closes them when free memory is needed after more new applications are opened. In this article we…


By Debjit

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows 7 [BETA]

Windows 7 to Windows 8 Transformation Pack

Can’t wait enough for the new Windows 8? Don’t worry, here is an OS transformation pack for Windows 7 which will turn the looks of your Windows 7 system pretty close to Windows 8. According to the developer of this transformation pack it supports all languages and works best on Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)…


By Debjit

[Windows Tip] Increase Your Productivity By Avoiding Apps That Waste Your Time

Personal Activity Monitor

Worried with your productivity at work reducing day after day? Spending lot of time on useless applications on your computer? Stop worrying. Here is an application, titled Personal Activity Monitor that will help you monitor your daily usage duration of various applications on your computer and thus you can keep a check on the use…


By Debjit

Install Clementine Music Player In Windows & Apple Mac OS

Clementine About

Clementine is a rip-off from the famous KDE based linux music player and manager Amarok. Well, the good part about Clementine is that it is cross platform which means you can use it on Linux, Windows & Macintosh OS. The latest version of Clementine has some amazing features such as a built-in lyrics downloader and…


By Debjit

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