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Top 6 Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate When Using an eCommerce Theme

The average conversion rate for eCommerce websites across the board is a little more than two percent. Regardless of the amount of revenue your company generates each year, increasing this rate even a few percentage points can do wonders for your bottom line. Following these quick tips when designing the theme of your eCommerce website…

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By Debjit

How to get currency conversion (exchange) rates from Google?

Find out how you can use Google to know foreign exchange rates and equivalent amounts in different currencies.

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By Debjit

How to read ebooks on the Amazon Kindle for FREE?

How to read ebooks on the Amazon Kindle for FREE?

The Amazon Kindle 2.0 is really a nice device. It lets you do almost anything¬† you could ask for. From a portable ebook reader, that is. For reading you can download contents from online stores, which sell e-books especially for the Kindle. These stores can charge you anything between USD 1 to USD 5 per…

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By Debjit

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