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Fedora Linux Replaces GNOME With MATE As The Default Desktop Environment

MATE Desktop

In what could be called as a major blow to the GNOME foundation, The Fedora Linux team has decided to get rid of GNOME 3 in the upcoming Fedora 18 linux OS. GNOME 3 will be replaced by a new Desktop Environment (DE) called the MATE. However, users need not worry much about this new…

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By Debjit

Opera Introduces Support For Gtk3


GNOME 3 was released earlier this year – and along with it came Gtk3. Some distributions, such as Fedora 15, have already moved from GNOME 2 to GNOME 3. While others, like Ubuntu 11.10, is moving to the new version of GNOME. Today Opera has announced that support for Gtk3 is also coming to their…

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By Ricky

GNOME And KDE Fight Over The Name “System Settings”

GNOME And KDE Fight Over The Name “System Settings”

KDE SC has been using the name “System Settings” to refer to its application used to configure the system – such as time, font, theme etc. Now, a conflict has arisen because GNOME, too. has started using the same name – System Settings – for its application which was earlier known as the GNOME Control Center.

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By Ricky

How To Recover Unity After Removing GNOME 3 In Ubuntu 11.04


Suppose you wanted to try out GNOME 3 and installed it in Ubuntu 11.04. The GNOME 3 installation will wipe out Unity. So, what do you do if you installed GNOME 3 (GNOME Shell) only to find out that you do not like it? In this article we will tell you how you can remove…

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By Ricky

GNOME To Become A Linux Only Project?


Something very interesting and potentially controversial is going on in the GNOME project. In an email to the GNOME mailing list, Jon McCann said that GNOME should focus on supporting on only support for Linux and drop the support for the other operating systems such as BSD, Solaris and Unix. McCann is a very well…

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By Ricky

How To Create A Gnome 3 Live USB Stick [Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu]

Applets and Dockbar in Gnome 3

Gnome 3 Desktop environment has now been released and will soon find it’s way to most of the Linux Distributions out there – like Fedora, OpenSUSE & Ubuntu. We have already told you how to install Gnome 3 on Ubuntu or try it as a Live environment on Fedora or OpenSUSE. In this article we…

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By Zenobia

How To Install Gnome 3 Desktop In Ubuntu Linux? [via PPA]

Gnome 3 looks so awesome!

Gnome 3 is now finally available. However it will take some time before major Linux distributions start integrating Gnome 3 Desktop into their systems. Mean while, you can try Gnome 3 using a Live CD for your favourite Linux distribution. In case you are looking to install Gnome 3 Desktop on your Ubuntu 11.04 system…

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By Adam

Gnome 3 Released – Did You Try It Yet?

Gnome 3 Logo Gnome3

The wait is finally over. Gnome 3 has been released and boy, it looks splendid. A huge amount of work has gone into the design of GNOME 3, and as a result you will have an all new Gnome experience! However there have been some breakthrough changes for eg., Gnome 3 does not have Maximize…

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By Adam

Gtk+ 3.2 HTML5 Backend Allows Any Application To Run In A Browser


GNOME developer, Alexander Larsson, is developing a HTML5 gdk backend, codenamed Broadway, that allows user to run Gtk application either remotely or locally inside the web-browser. The project is right now at an early stage and there are still a lot of issues like keyboard inputs support is still poor and the only supported browser…

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By Ricky

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