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How To Install Beautiful Soup Scraping Library for Python?

Python Logo

Beautiful Soup is a Python library using which you can scrape data from various webpages online. Although Python has another vast and better framework called the Scrapy for web-data scraping purposes but Beautiful Soup is a very light-weight library and does the job quickly. You can install Beautiful Soup using following two commands: Some sample…

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By Debjit

How To Easily Add a Printer to a Network In Just 3 Steps

Network Printer Cable Mess

There are many different configurations for networked printers, all of which are subtly different and have their own particular strengths and shortcomings. But because it would be impossible to list every possible permutation here, this guide will be limited to giving instructions for setting up what is widely considered to be the most efficient and…

 How-To   Networks  

By Adam

Gnome 3 Released – Did You Try It Yet?

Gnome 3 Logo Gnome3

The wait is finally over. Gnome 3 has been released and boy, it looks splendid. A huge amount of work has gone into the design of GNOME 3, and as a result you will have an all new Gnome experience! However there have been some breakthrough changes for eg., Gnome 3 does not have Maximize…

 How-To   Linux  

By Adam

How To Install Firefox 4 In Windows 7 & Apple Mac?

Firefox 4 Logo

Mozilla Firefox 4 is now finally out for regular. This new version of Mozilla Firefox has a number of amazing enhancements and consumes less RAM than it’s older counterparts. We have been using the Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta and the Release Candidate version for quite a while now and it has been a very good…

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By Zenobia

Azure Comapnion: Install Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, phpBB & phpMyAdmin On Windows Azure

Windows Azure Logo

Windows Azure is a Cloud computing service from Microsoft. Although Microsoft has not been a keen supporter of free and open source technologies but it’s Windows Azure cloud hosting platform is capable of hosting PHP based web applications using the PHP Interopbridge. This means you can get all the Open source goodness of Drupal, Joomla,…

 How-To   Microsoft   Web  

By Debjit

Splashtop OS Is An Instant-On OS Which Co-Exists With WIndows


Splashtop OS is a light-weight linux based operating system from Splashtop Inc. Splashtop OS is generally installed along with Windows. This means that when users wants to just browse the internet, chat or listen to music they do not have to wait for Windows to start – instead they can get to Splashtop OS instantly…

 Linux   News   Windows 7  

By Ricky

How To Install KDE SC 4.6 In Kubuntu 10.10 or Ubuntu 10.10


The final release of KDE SC 4.6 was made available a few days ago. KDE SC 4.6 includes UPower, UDev and UDisks backends and does not require HAL anymore. The new bluetooth framework BlueDevil has also been included. KDE SC 4.6 has also added a lot of new features which makes it a lot more…

 How-To   Linux  

By Ricky

How To Install Pithos Client In Ubuntu & Debian Linux?

We have already told you about Pithos – one of the best Desktop clients on Linux for Pithos is meant to run on GNOME but runs equally well on KDE and other desktop environments. It has good features like support for the media keys, scrobbling and making your own stations. In this article…

 How-To   Linux  

By Debjit

How To Install VirtualBox 4.0 In Ubuntu

How To Install VirtualBox 4.0 In Ubuntu

The beta version of the new VirtualBox 4.0 has been available for sometime. In this post, we explain how Ubuntu (& Kubuntu) users can install it from the repository.

 How-To   Linux  

By Ricky

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