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Real-Time Traffic Information Service for Delhi and Mumbai from NAVTEQ

Commuters in Delhi and Mumbai can now use NAVTEQ Traffic Pro, a real-time traffic information service launched in the two cities by the Nokia owned traffic and location service company, NAVTEQ. With this service, about 26 million users in Delhi and Mumbai can access real time traffic information like traffic speeds on motorways, main and…

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By Debjit

MapMyIndia Launches Android-based In-Car Navigation and Entertainment Systems

Carpad from MapMyIndia

The Auto Expo 2012 has manages draw in crowds in huge numbers, with companies bringing out new car models and launching different services. MapMyIndia, the popular location based services and Maps Company launched its in-dash GPS navigation and entertainment systems at the Expo. The entertainment system is Android-based, the company’s second Android product after its…


By Debjit

Google Maps 5.0 For Android Brings Compass Mode, 3D Buildings, Map Caching And More

Google Maps 5.0 For Android Brings Compass Mode, 3D Buildings, Map Caching And More

A couple of weeks ago, Google showed off the next version of Maps at LeWeb 2010. Today Google has officially launched it and Google Maps 5.0 brings all the features promised. It truly is the best maps application available for mobile right now by some distance. Among all the new features that it brings, I believe the…

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By Ricky

Google Is iPad Ready: 5 Google Offerings For The iPad

Google Is iPad Ready: 5 Google Offerings For The iPad

With the launch of this glorious device – the iPad – from Apple, many Google web services and offerings have been customized to meet the special needs of iPad display. In this article we will tell you about these web-services that have been customized and how.

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By Debjit

Google Maps 3.4 now available on Android

Google Maps 3.4 for Android is here. An over-the-air software upgrade, released by Google, will be bringing this to Nexus One. It will soon be available at the Android Market for other Android phones. Looks like Google has successfully added another feather on to Android’s crown. Google Maps 3.4 brings some pretty good features which,…

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By digitalcoconut

WebElements from Google – Integrating Google services with your website was never so easy

Google WebElements are a collection of eight different widgets for your website. The integration of these widgets or services with your website have been made very easy by Google that you just need to copy simple code snippets from the Google WebElelements website and paste them onto your website at suitable locations to show these…

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By Debjit

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