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What are Optimal Values of depth & topN for Nutch Crawler?

Apache Nutch project, as you all may know is a very good web crawler out there using which you can set-up your own crawling systems using which you can proceed to setup a search tool for your website that works exactly as Google. I am assuming that you have already downloaded and setup nutch on…

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By Debjit
Advertisement No Longer Appears In Bing Search After IE 7 Tax

Recently Australian online shopping portal started imposing an extra 6.8% tax on users who are using Internet Explorer 7 or below to make their purchases. Termed the “Internet Explorer Tax”, hoped that this will force users to upgrade from the outdated browser and was applauded by many. Today there is a new twist…

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By Ricky

WhatNEXT – Will You Let Algorithms Take Lead Of Your College Search Hunt & Admissions?

College search engine at action on

At the very peak of college admissions, students are often lost and need advice about the best college options for them. Although various search engines exist, and there are already established players in the industry, new ideas keep flowing. A new start-up WhatNeXT, currently operating in Maharashtra aims to become a complete and reliable college…

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By Debjit

Yahoo! To Shut Down Site Explorer Later This Year

Yahoo! Site Explorer Logo

As a part of the merger of Yahoo!’s search backend with Bing search engine, Yahoo! has announced the shut down of it’s Site Explorer tool from the Yahoo! Search service. Webmasters will now be required to use the Bing Webmaster Central for both Yahoo! and Bing search.

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By Debjit

Google Disables Realtime Search – Will Replace Twitter With Google Plus

Google has disabled realtime search

Google has disabled it’s Real Time search feature due to a contract expiry with Twitter. Google now plans to re-launch the service with updates from it’s new social network – Google Plus.

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By Debjit

Google Aims To Speed Up Search With Instant Pages

Google Aims To Speed Up Search With Instant Pages

Google’s Instant Pages helps to accelerate the search results. It predictively preloads pages before users click on result links. So after inputting the search query, the search result pages will open up faster that before.

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By Nihal

How To Use Google Voice Search Today

How To Use Google Voice Search Today

Google Voice Search is also exactly what it sounds like – you can speak your search queries instead of typing them. This feature has been available on Android phones and now Google is bringing it to the desktop as well.

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By Ricky

Google Launches Search By Image – It’s Like Goggles For The Desktop

At the Inside Search event being held at San Francisco, Google has announced a new addition to its search features – Search by Image. The Search by Image feature is something like Google’s image search application for mobile devices – Google Goggles.

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By Ricky

Google Launches +1 For Websites – Search To Get More Social

After months of speculations, Google has finally launched the +1 button for websites. Here is a look at what it is and how you can add it to your website.

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By Ricky

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