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Microsoft seeks to revive MSN through buzz portal msnNOW

Software giant Microsoft is trying to revive its MSN web portal, once very popular amongst users, which had lost its charm, with Facebook and Twitter ruling the social space now, has. The company has launched msnNOw, which the company hopes to make the one stop search engine and shop for the latest buzz and breaking…

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By Debjit

Now, A Social Network For Environment & Climate Change Activism –

Landing Page -

A new start-up on the web, has created an online social platform for those concerned about spreading environmental awareness and working to protect it, by providing them with the right resources and communication to share, explore and exchange photos, videos and other kind of information. The website has been started to fulfill the twin…

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By Debjit

Careverge: Health Social Network With A Gaming Element!

Charts to keep track of your progress on Careverge

With numerous health start-ups flooding the web, each claiming to provide different features and promising results, one often finds that in practice they’re all the same. A small niche of intelligent health start-ups remains, of which Careverge is a part. Presented by Audax Health, Careverge is unlike the many serious health platforms, making its informal…

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By Debjit

Youtube In 2010: 3X Rise In Mobile Traffic; 200M Daily Video Views!

Youtube In 2010: 3X Rise In Mobile Traffic; 200M Daily Video Views!

Youtube has released some pretty interesting stats about the traffic the website received from mobile devices. The video social network clocked up to 200 million daily video views from mobile devices, taking the overall traffic to as high as three times just from mobile viewers. Also, users can now see official music videos of various artistes directly on Youtube.

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By Debjit

Yogile – Online Photo Sharing With Collaboration, Privacy & Groups

Yogile – Online Photo Sharing With Collaboration, Privacy & Groups

Presenting Yogile – yet another online photo sharing service, but with a difference. Yogile makes it incredibly easy to share images privately and within groups. Not only this, Yogile lets multiple people contribute to one album with ease.

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By Debjit

Google’s “Facebook Killer” Social Product Titled Emerald Sea?

Emerald City has been integrated into numerous Google products and is being actively used internally. Emerald City is the project name for what people outside of Google refer to as “Google Me”.

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By Zenobia

Diaspora Goes Into Private Alpha

Remember Diaspora, the open source competitor to Facebook? Yesterday they have started sending out invites for the private alpha. The invites will initially be sent to the 6500 people who helped them raise $200,000 in a month. After that they will start sending out invites to those on the mailing list.

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By Ricky

The Social Web Goes Open Source On Sept. 15! [Diaspora]

The Social Web Goes Open Source On Sept. 15! [Diaspora]

Diaspora, your privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network gears up for it’s first release on September 15, 2010!

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By Zenobia

The Social Network: Second Trailer Released

The second trailer of the movie based on the early years of Facebook has now been released. There is not much difference in the audio clip from the First Trailer, but this time it is shown in the form of Facebook updates. Here is the trailer. Enjoy.

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By Ricky

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