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Facebook And Google Remove Content After Private Petitions In Indian Court

Google's Republic Day Doodle

Following a court directive asking them to respect religious sensibilities in India, and threatening severe restrictions similar to the ones present in China, Facebook and Google Inc on Monday, removed some content from a few Indian domain websites deeming it to be objectionable according their established mechanisms. These two along with 19 other companies were…

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By Debjit

Google’s Anti-SOPA Petition Garners Support Of 7 Million People

Google's SOPA Petition signed by 7 Million people

A staggering 7 million people signed the online anti-SOPA petition initiated by Google in just 24 hours, confirmed a Google spokeswoman. The petition was available to sign on Wednesday, linked from Google homepage, meant to increase awareness about the SOPA and PIPA acts currently under consideration by the U.S Congress. The Google petition came in…

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By Debjit

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