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HTC Touch.B code-named Rome leaked in France, runs Qualcomm’s BrewMP

We have been hearing a lot about HTC’s new phone, the Touch.B code-named  ‘Rome’ for some time now. But no concrete proof was available in its support, until now that is. The guys at MobiFrance have managed to get a sneak peak of this latest HTC baby.     

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By digitalcoconut

Facebook launches new touch site

Facebook launches new touch site

Yesterday Facebook launches a new touch site for touchscreen mobile devices. While it has always been very easy to use Facebook in iPhones and Android devices due to the availablity of good applications, it has always been difficult to use Facebook’s mobile site in other touchscreen devices.

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By Ricky

Apple’s new All Touch Magic Mouse (HQ Pics)

Apple’s new All Touch Magic Mouse (HQ Pics)

Apple has finally redefined the way you use your cute little mouse. No buttons, no scroll wheels and no balls any more. You now do everything using the Touch! Yes that is Apple’s Magic Mouse for you. The Magic Mouse is the world’s first Multi-Touch mouse powered by the same Multi-Touch and Gesture technology that…

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By Debjit

Nokia N920, successor to N900, leaked

Nokia N920, successor to N900, leaked

Although much time hasn’t passed since the N900 was launched, the guys at Nokia seems to have already come out with its successor, the N920. The N920 just like its predecessor, the N900, will have loads of features up on its sleeve. However this full touch-screen phone won’t be featuring a qwerty keypad.

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By digitalcoconut

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