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Motorola Atrix 2 Gets The Android 4.0 ICS Update In India

Motorola Atrix 2

Finally the much awaited Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update for the Motorola Atrix 2 phone has been rolled by Motorola in India. The upgrade is a available as OTA (Over-The-Air) which means, you can directly download the update to your Motorola Atrix 2 phone. The update is a 256MB download and you should…

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By Debjit

Google Releases Updates To Maps 5.5 For Android

Google Releases Updates To Maps 5.5 For Android

In the latest update to Google Maps for Android (version 5.5), Google turns its attention to the details by adding to the Places pages, transit pages, and Google Latitude. There are three big changes coming along with this update: New check-in and rating buttons added to Place pages – one can check in to places…

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By Nihal

Microsoft Kills Windows Autorun On Win 2K, Vista & XP

Microsoft has finally taken a huge step forward in order to put a check on Malicious tools which have actively used the Autorun facility to manifest themselves on the computers of millions of users. Most viruses create an Autorun.inf file in removable media ( CD – ROM / USB Drives ) in order to spread…

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By Debjit

AVG Update Puts Windows 7 PCs In Continuous Reboot Loop [How To Fix]

AVG Update Puts Windows 7 PCs In Continuous Reboot Loop [How To Fix]

An update from AVG on Wednesday night forced all 64 bit Windows 7 systems into a continuous reboot loop. The bug has affected both the server and desktop versions of the 64bit Windows 7.

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By Debjit

Update Gwibber To Continue Using Twitter [Ubuntu]

Twitter has killed the basic authentication system used in a lot of Twitter clients. So, to continue using Twitter in Gwibber, you have to update to the latest version of Gwibber.

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By Ricky

Install Choqok 1.0 Beta 2 From PPA [Kubuntu 10.04 & 10.10]

Since Twitter has ended support for the basic authentication in favour of OAuth, you have to upgrade to Choqok 1.0 Beta 2 in order to continue using Twitter.

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By Ricky

Diaspora – Source Code Release On 15th September; Alpha Release In October

Diaspora becomes available to developers from September 15. Users will, however, have to wait for the alpha in October.

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By Ricky

Shutter Gets A Monochrome Icon And UbuntuOne Support

Shutter Gets A Monochrome Icon And UbuntuOne Support

Today with a new update, Shutter has finally replace its blue icon, which looked out of place among the other monochrome icons in Lucid, with a monochrome one. So, now it blends in well with the overall theme.

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By Ricky

New Firmware update for Amazon Kindle 2, brings native PDF support, 85% improved battery life

Amazon’s Kindle 2 is all set to receive a heavy dosage of much needed improvements in the  form of a firmware update. The update is a result of about 6 months of rigorous work. So what do we have in store this time ? To begin with, we will finally be having native PDF support…

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By digitalcoconut

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