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How To Monitor Your Employee’s Online Activity with Activity Monitor software

How To Monitor Your Employee’s Online Activity with Activity Monitor software

As an employer there are times when you might be torn between what is ethical and what is mandatory of your role as the overall supervisor for your employees. This is especially so when it comes to monitoring the activity of your employees on the internet during the working hours. Whether or not you monitor…


By Guest Author

How To Enable Monit Web Interface From All IPs and Change Port?

Monit config file detail

Monit is a nifty tool for Linux platforms that lets you manage and monitor processes, programs, services and a whole lot of parameters on a Linux server and lets you set alertsĀ  using which stay up-to-date about your server’s functioning when you are not around. Using, Monit you can also set failed or crashed processes…

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By Adam

Cyfe Makes Web Stats Monitoring For Businesses Easy With All-in-one Web Dashboard

Multiple Dashboards on Cyfe

A new app called Cyfe is now seeking to simplify business management and monitoring, by decreasing the time taken on compiling progress reports and helping companies pool in their resources to keep track of everything from one single page which they call the all-in-one business dashboard. The basic idea behind Cyfe is that when businesses…

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By Debjit

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