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How To Permanently Delete A Facebook Account (Not Deactivate)

De-activation confirm and Deletion grace period

When Facebook was launched, you could only deactivate your profile on Facebook but not delete anything, even if you would want to. Deactivating your account would mean that all the data on your Facebook profile would still stay in Facebook’s custody. However, Facebook has now introduced a new option that lets you totally delete your…

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By Adam

Megaupload Crackdown: All Users’ Files Might Be Permanently Deleted

The US Justice Department’s crackdown on the owners of Megaupload as operators of a web service that promotes copyright infringement, leading to the shutting down of the domain names owned by Megaupload Limited had created waves in the file storage and hosting industry. People in the business are now searching for alternatives to sustain the…

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By Debjit

How To Delete Or Edit Multiple Posts At Once In Tumblr?

How To Delete Or Edit Multiple Posts At Once In Tumblr?

In this article we will tell how to delete multiple tumblr posts at once from your tumblr account.

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By Debjit

Facebook Adds “Delete Account” Option

Facebook have quietly added the ability to delete your account. Earlier you were allowed only to deactivate your Facebook account now it seems that you can completely delete your account too.

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By Debjit

Strange: Windows 7 Deletes All Your Saved Restore Points

The so-called system restore feature in Windows 7 deletes restore points without even throwing any warning when the system is rebooted.

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By Debjit

How to recover your deleted Twitter messages ?

How to recover your deleted Twitter messages ?

Twitter has given rise to many more useful twitter based applications. Tweleted is yet another web based  application that makes use of the Twitter API in an intelligent way. The developers of this app claim that they do not store any message which users delete. Results are obtained by comparing the results from the main…

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By Debjit

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