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Firefox 4 Starts Dropping Features As Feature Freeze Nears

Firefox 4 is inching towards the feature freeze on 15th September. As the date nears and the pressure to finish Firefox 4 increases, Mozilla are dropping some features, so as not to delay the final release. They have already dropped Account Manager last month. The Account Manager, as the name suggest, is supposed to take…

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By Ricky

Songbird Drops Support For Linux

Songbird Drops Support For Linux

In a surprise announcement, the Songbird developers have announced that they will no longer support Songbird in Linux. This is really a socking announcement as Songbird has its root in open source. Songbird will however continue to be available for Windows and Mac. UPDATE: Now, long term Songbird contributor, Antoine, has finally announced that they…

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By Ricky

YouTube to stop supporting IE 6 from 13 March

YouTube to stop supporting IE 6 from 13 March

Google continues its crusade against Internet Explorer 6. They have already stopped supporting Internet Explorer 6 in Google Apps and are also said to be planning to stop supporting it by this year’s end in GMail and Google calendar as well. We all knew that they will be giving up the support of IE6 in…

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By Ricky

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