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11 Benefits of Using WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that is really useful for ecommerce businesses. This plugin was created in 2011 and is now used by thousands of ecommerce websites worldwide. It is an easy toolkit that lets you sell anything you want online. More than 50% content websites on the internet are powered by WordPress! Recently,…

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By Debjit

Top 6 Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate When Using an eCommerce Theme

The average conversion rate for eCommerce websites across the board is a little more than two percent. Regardless of the amount of revenue your company generates each year, increasing this rate even a few percentage points can do wonders for your bottom line. Following these quick tips when designing the theme of your eCommerce website…

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By Debjit

3 Things You Must Do When You Expand Your eCommerce Store

Dedicated Servers for e-commerce websites

Most of the time, you can set up an eCommerce store for a relatively low cost. The overhead is not that significant compared to other businesses, and you have tremendous freedom to customize your eCommerce store however you want. Initially, you’ll be able to keep the costs quite low. But as your business base expands,…

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By Debjit

4 Things About Checkout / Payment Options for Your eCommerce Site

Various e-commerce Payment Options

When you build your eCommerce site, one of the important things you will have to consider is what type of checkout options your site will feature. There are basic options where you just feature credit cards or you can integrate a third party purchasing option, like Amazon or PayPal. Additionally, you can create user accounts,…

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By Debjit
Advertisement To Shut Down DVD Rental Business; Moves To E-Commerce dvd rental

One of the bigger DVD rental services in India along with Reliance’s BIG FLIX, has now decided to move into the  e-commerce trade, and will soon be shutting down its rental business. This shift can be explained owing to the strong potential of e-commerce in India. Seventymm had reportedly raised Rs. 50 crores from…

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By Debjit

Amazon Launches As In India – But NOT As An Online Store

Flipkart not included in the Product sources listings of Amazon India

Looks like the American e-commerce hot shot has finally forayed its way into the Indian territory by launching its new website The name might sound a bit weird going with Amazon but that’s how it has been. Surprisingly this new portal from Amazon for India is not an e-commerce platform at all. It…

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By Debjit

Coming Soon: The Complete Online Shopping Experience, With eBagsfull

ebagsfull - full on ecommerce store in India; Competition for Flipkart?

In a first for Indian online shopping, a new e-commerce portal called eBagsfull is going to introduce various e-commerce formats onto one single portal. This unique multi-format start-up will feature formats similar to Flash Sales, Bids, Auctions, eStore etc. The  first in line to be launched by the eBagsfull team is a 24hour deals model….

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By Debjit

Mob eCommerce Makes Going Mobile Easy For Online Stores

Mob eCommerce app at action on Android

E-commerce portals are looking to go online by launching apps for their online stores, and every internet retailer wants a presence in a user’s smartphone. A new start-up called Mob eCommerce, launched in November 2011 can help companies go mobile with its unique service. With Mob eCommerce solutions, online shopping carts developed on Magento, Virtuemart,…

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By Debjit

Edukart Lets You Master Professional Courses Online

Stock Markets Course on

Education is emerging as a top Internet usage in the India, the world’s third largest Internet economy with 121 million Internet users and 7-9 million added every month. Start-ups are trying to tap this sector and derive maximum benefits. India now has its own educational supermarket in the form of, an online super store…

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By Debjit

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