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How To Get Facebook User ID, details of User in Iframe Page Tab?

How To Get Facebook User ID, details of User in Iframe Page Tab?

Facebook Fan Page tabs are a good way of marketing your brand or business right inside your Facebook page. In this article we will show you how you can access more details about a fan of your page, details like his Facebook ID, full name, email address, etc. The best part of this tutorial is…

 Facebook   How-To   Programming  

By Debjit

How To Get Large Square / Any Size Facebook Profile Picture Using Graph API?

Facebook’s Graph API is one of the best implementations of API endpoints using which you can gather a lot of public information about any user. Luckily, you can even get the profile picture of any Facebook user. You can use the Graph Facebook API, get profile image, download it or use it in your app…


By Debjit

Facebook Changes Everyone’s Email Address Without Permission – How To Revert?

Facebook Email

Looks like Facebook is busy making (rather forcing) users to use their email addresses. Earlier today, Facebook forcibly changed everyone’s primary email address on Facebook to the default email IDs! Now that is, according to us, the biggest privacy breach ever. Although Facebook has confirmed this but no one from their side has…

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By Debjit

How To Permanently Delete A Facebook Account (Not Deactivate)

De-activation confirm and Deletion grace period

When Facebook was launched, you could only deactivate your profile on Facebook but not delete anything, even if you would want to. Deactivating your account would mean that all the data on your Facebook profile would still stay in Facebook’s custody. However, Facebook has now introduced a new option that lets you totally delete your…

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By Debjit

How To Disable Or Bypass The Facebook Social Reader

Washington Post Social Reader

If you have been using Facebook for the last few days then you must have noticed the Facebook Social Reader which is a new Timeline app from Facebook that lets publishers like Washington Post and Yahoo! to automatically publish information on Facebook about the new stories you read on their websites. Although good in social…

 Facebook   How-To  

By Debjit

Latest Mozilla Thunderbird Now Supports IM, Chat, IRC, Facebook & Twitter

Mozilla Thunderbird gets support for Chat Client

The new Mozilla Thunderbird with Firefox 11 is now available, and we can see some noticeable changes and enhancements in the browser. It has an updated Gecko engine, but more interestingly, some major support for instant messaging and chat for users. While the Thunderbird 13 boasts of these features, they aren’t fully complete yet. So…

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By Debjit

Facebook Goes Down In Northern Europe

Facebook goes down in Twitter

Looks like the social networking website is not available currently to users in Northern Europe. Twitter is already abuzz with updates from various users complaining about not opening. This is the second time after a year when Facebook went down. Checkout this screenshot from Twitter search about the search tag #facebookdown Facebook goes…

 Facebook   News  

By Debjit

Facebook Pushes “Confirm Link After Like” For Pages Receiving Likes Abnormally Fast

Facebook asks you to Confirm Like Page action

We have recently come across a post which shows how many websites and businesses are wrongfully using CSS and styles to trick users into liking their Facebook fan pages. In this trick, a fake cursor is used to get the user click on a Facebook like Button using the CSS property cursor:none. Thanks to Jack…

 Facebook   Tips & Tricks  

By Debjit

More People Are Unfriending On Facebook – Bored Of Facebook?

Gender & Privacy

A new study by Pew has revealed that people on social networks are now beginning to recognize and use the privacy settings provided, especially on Facebook to avoid unwanted friend requests and people on their friend lists. In other words, users are now becoming more selective and unfriending on Facebook to try and “clean” their…

 Facebook   News  

By Debjit

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