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How To Install Chromium Browser In Fedora Linux?

Chromium Browser installed on Fedora 18

If you are not aware, then Chromium browser is the one that powers Google’s famous Chrome browser. Although the Chromium browser is free and open source, it has not been included in the official Fedora repositories. However, you can still install it using one of the unofficial repositories maintained by Tom Callaway who happens to…

 How-To   Linux  

By Debjit on April 23rd
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Google Chrome To Have Real-Time Communications Capabilities

Google Chrome To Have Real-Time Communications Capabilities

Last month, Google released an open-source project called WebRTC which aims to enables Real-Time Communications capabilities in the web browsers through simple JavaScript APIs. Now, they have taken the first step towards having WebRTC built into Chrome.

 Google   News   Web  

By Ricky on June 21st
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Three Cloud Based Operating Systems You Can Try Out Today


With the launch of Google’s Chromebook just around the corner, cloud based operating systems are the talking point right now. Google’s Chrome OS certainly has made the term Cloud-based operating systems very popular, but it is not the only option available. In this article, we look at three cloud-based operating systems which you can use…

 Linux   Lists   Web  

By Ricky on May 20th
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Wikipedia Beautifier: Get A Better Looking Wikipedia On Google Chrome

Wikipedia Beautifier at action on Google Chrome

Wikipedia is an infinite source of knowledge for us all. But at times the website looks cluttered due to the presence of a lot of links in the left sidebar and at the top. Well, if you are a Google Chrome or a Chromium browser user then here is an extension that you will love.This…

 Tools   Web  

By Adam on March 30th
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Is This The New “Google Chrome Logo”?

Google Chrome "New Logo" [Hi-Res]

Yesterday, we told you about the new logo for the Chromium project. Till now users have shown a mixed reaction towards the new Logo of the Chromium browser. We had also told that Google might look to change the logo of Google Chrome if the new Chromium browser logo is well accepted by the community….

 Google   News  

By Debjit on March 10th
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Chromium Browser Gets A New Logo; Google Chrome To Follow?

Chromium New Logo

Update: New Google Chrome logo leaked? The Chromium browser has a new identity! While all the users and the Chromium team bids good bye to the 3D-ish logo of Chromium Project, it looks like there is no new build available yet which features the new logo of Chromium. Update: Chromium 11.0.697.0 (Developer Build 77443 on…

 Google   News  

By Debjit on March 9th
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Mozilla Releases “Kraken” – Firefox Is The Fastest Browser Now!

Mozilla Releases “Kraken” – Firefox Is The Fastest Browser Now!

There are a lot of JavaScript benchmarking tools. Google has the V8 benchmark suite, Apple has SunSpider and Mozilla had (and still has) Dromaeo. Of course there are independent ones like Peacekeeper as well. Today, Mozilla has released a new JavaScript Benchmarking tool called Kraken. Kraken is largely based on the SunSpider test; with Mozilla…

 General   News   Software   Web  

By Ricky on September 15th
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Chrome Web Store Link Appears In Chromium

Chrome Web Store Link Appears In Chromium

The latest version of Chromium from the Dev Channel now has the apps section and a link for the Chrome Web Store by default.

 Linux   News   OS   Web  

By Ricky on August 29th
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Browser Speed Test – Opera’s Claim Put To The Test

Browser Speed Test – Opera’s Claim Put To The Test

Both Opera and Google are obsessed with the speed of their browser. With each release, each claim to be the fastest browser. Google has even gone on to make a game to demonstrate the speed of its browser Chrome. With today’s release of Opera 10.60, Opera is now claiming that it is the fastest browser…

 General   Reviews   Software  

By Ricky on July 1st
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