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Top 4 Must-Install Free Apps for BlackBerry Mobile Smartphone Security

Blackberry Logo

If you’ve got your hands on one of the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphones, you are sure to have lots of plans for enjoying it – taking photos, listening to music, BBMing your friends, trying new apps, and generally enjoying all your new smartphone has to offer. Protecting your new phone is vital, though, as it’s…

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By Debjit

How To Set-Up Data Security For Employees Who Bring Their Personal Phones & Laptop To Work

Workplace Security

The modern workplace looks nothing like the traditional setting that was commonplace only decades ago. Today, many office desks are littered with smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and other high tech gadgets. While these devices can aid the work process by streamlining communications and allowing for on the go computing, they can also serve as powerful distractions….

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By Debjit

7 Types Of Computer Viruses by Outcome: Which Ones Spy, and Which Destruct

Malware comes in many forms, and all are dangerous. Viruses and spyware are the best-known umbrellas that harmful programs fall under, but these categories are far-reaching. Understanding the specifics of these threats will make you aware of how important it is to have virus protection on your computer. Trojan Horse A Trojan horse operates just as it…

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By Debjit

Use Your Smartphone To Login To Google On A Public Computer

With the raise of smartphones, QR codes are becoming quite ubiquitous now a days. We see them everywhere – on newspaper ads, on packaging of food items etc. However most of the usage of QR codes remains the same – to share a web link that users can scan with their phone and visit. Google…

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By Ricky

Cyberoam Report: Yahoo, Facebook and Gmail More Prone to Spam Attacks

A special feature report brought out by Cyberoam, the innovator of identity based UTM solutions, reveals that around 70% of spam attacks were on Yahoo (27%), Facebook (23%) and Gmail (19%). The first of its kind Internet threats trend report has been prepared in collaboration with Cyberoam’s partner, Commtouch. The report highlights how email accounts…

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By Debjit

Norton Mobile Security: Ultimate Protection For Your Smartphone

Norton Mobile Security - Anti-Malware Scan Running

Modern smartphones are no less than computers. They have powerful processors to the tune of 1GHz and are memory hungry. For instance, an Android smartphone would by require atleast 512MB of RAM for smooth functioning. So, with all this huge computing power and capabilities right in side your smart phone, the naturally become prone to…

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By Debjit Has Been Compromised; Used To Server Malware Has Been Compromised; Used To Server Malware

According to reports from security firm, Armorize, has been compromised and the hackers are using the website to serve malware to unsuspecting users. The hackers are reported to have infected the website with JavaScript codes that redirects the visitor to another website which hosts what is known as the BlackHole exploit pack. The BlackHole…

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By Ricky Hacked; Windows Installer Replaced By Malware Hacked; Windows Installer Replaced By Malware

This morning the server was hacked and the windows installer was replaced by a malware. According to the BitTorrernt blog, the incident happened at 4:20 am PDT and it was discovered at around 6:00 am PDT. According to the blog, the malware is a fake antivirus – also known as a scareware. It pops…

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By Ricky

Personal Data Of 35 Million South Koreans Stolen By Hackers

More than 35 million South Korean had their personal data stolen after two popular South Korean websites were hacked.

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By Ricky

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