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Norton Mobile Security: Ultimate Protection For Your Smartphone

Norton Mobile Security - Anti-Malware Scan Running

Modern smartphones are no less than computers. They have powerful processors to the tune of 1GHz and are memory hungry. For instance, an Android smartphone would by require atleast 512MB of RAM for smooth functioning. So, with all this huge computing power and capabilities right in side your smart phone, the naturally become prone to…

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By Adam

Researcher Says That 8% of Android Apps Are Leaking Private Information

Researcher Says That 8% of Android Apps Are Leaking Private Information

According to security researcher Neil Daswani, around 8% of the apps on the Android market are leaking private user data.

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By Zenobia

New Firefox Scare-ware Tricking Users Into Installing Fake Anti-Virus

With the MacDefender scare-ware infecting so many Macs, which many previously considered very secure, it is easy to forget where the main malware problems is. Well, there is a new scare-ware for Windows which is tricking users into installing a fake anti-virus by using Firefox. This is how the new Firefox scare-ware works: User visits…

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By Zenobia

Mac Defender Malware Continues To Infect Macs; Apple Continues Ignoring It

The Mac Defender malware that was first spotted around three weeks ago continues to spread. Mac Defender is actually a very simple trojan. It disguises itself as an antivirus and warns users that their system has been infected. To remove the infection, it asks users for user permission and once it gets the permission, it…

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By Adam

How Google Responded To The DroidDream Malware

  A couple of days ago, a Redditor lompolo, uncovered something very weird in the Android Market. lompolo discovered that someone has ripped 21 free apps from the market, injected them with malicious codes and uploaded them to the Market again. The malware used a known exploit to root the devices on which the Apps…

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By Ricky

Google Deletes 21 Malware Apps From Android Market

Android Malware

No doubt Android is gradually becoming one of the most widely used Smartphone operating systems. And given the free nature of Android’s usage policies, more and more Mobile device companies are taking to Android each day. Oh, please forget Nokia for a while. However the problem with Android’s open unmoderated ecosystem is that devices running…

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By Debjit

Yahoo!, Fox, Google serving malwares in ads

Yahoo!, Fox, Google serving malwares in ads

According to anti-virus firm Avast, ads provided by large providers like Google, Yahoo! and Fox are delivering malwares along with their ads. This does not affect only the three mentioned above. Avast termed this as the “probably the biggest ad poisoning ever made”. The poisoning discovered by them is said to affect almost all the…

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By Ricky

Chuck Norris botnet attacks linux-based routers

Chuck Norris botnet attacks linux-based routers

If you have not changed the default password of your internet router or DSL modem, now might be a good time to do it. Otherwise you may get an unwanted visit from Chuck Norris. No, not the actor. We are talking about the Chuck Norris botnet. Czech researchers have discovered that the Chuck Norris botnet…

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By Ricky

Weekly Roundup [Month 2, Week 1 2010]

This week was a week of security issues. First of all there was the hack of Tata Consultancy Services’ website and there was also the revelation from Mozilla that malwares were found in Firefox add-ons. Another big news was that OpenOffice may be dropped from Ubuntu Netbook Edition. Read on to find out more.

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By Ricky

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