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Study: iOS Apps Crash More Frequently Than Android Apps

iOS fans generally maintains that the iOS apps apps are better than the Android apps. However, according to a study by Crittercism, that may not be entirely correct. Crittercism’s study reveals that iOS apps crash more frequently compared to the Android apps. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules to determine which app…

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By Ricky

Apple to launch Steve Jobs’s pet project – a “GarageBand” for e-books

Now, Garageband coming to e-books on iTunes?

Using technology to bridge the gap between learning and digital textbooks was something Apple’s co-founder had been working on for a quite a few years, and Apple was slated to launch its unique new tool along with the iPhone 4S, only to be stalled by Jobs’s death. Now, Apple is ready to launch this tool,…

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By Debjit

New Year Week Sees Maximum iOS And Android Device Activations Of 2011

Max Android Activations in 2011 / 2012

Christmas Day of 2011 saw the highest number of mobile device activations and app downloads in the year, with the New Year ‘power week’ being the more profitable than the run up to Christmas itself for applications makers. What’s more, according to the recent report by Flurry, the last week of 2011 saw the highest…

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By Debjit

Lingibli Makes Learning New Languages Easy

Lingibli Mobile App - learn new languages while on the move

Now, one can learn the most basic sentences, phrases and words of a new language with Literally, Lingibli is the little green guy you see on the homepage of the website, and this character represents the website’s tool for learning different languages quickly and easily. With the website’s learning methods, you can pick up…

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By Debjit

4sqwifi – New Way To Find Nearby Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

4sqwifi - Find free Wi-Fi hotspots nearby

Ever wondered about a perfect app to find out nearby places where you can get access to the presence of different Wi-Fi locations? Here it is 4sqwifi, an app developed by young Greek entrepreneurs, Apostolos Papadopoulus and Giannis Poulakas. As already known, foursquare and most of the apps built on top of the location service’s…

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By Debjit

Canonical Launches Ubuntu One Music Streaming App For iPhone & iPod

For the ones who are not familiar with Ubuntu One, it is a web based storage services from Canonical just the same as Dropbox. A basic account of Ubuntu One offers you upto 5GB of storage space unlike DropBox which offers only 2GB and talking about popularity of the Ubuntu One service, we have already…

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By Debjit

Facebook Launches A Messaging App For Android And iOS

Facebook has launched a new messaging app for Android and iOS. The app, called Facebook Messenger, brings a SMS like messaging system that is based on Facebook’s messaging system.

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By Ricky

Khan Academy iPad App 1.0 Coming Soon – Built Using jQuery Mobile

Khan Academy iPad App using jQuery Mobile - Screenshot 1

Khan Academy, the leading provider of free education / tutoring videos worldwide has announced the launch of its iPad application which is built using the jQuery Mobile platform

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By Debjit

Pokemon Game Coming To Android & iOS This Summer

Pokemon Game on Android - Welcome Screen

Superhit Nintendo game is set to debut on Android and iOS devices (like iPad & iPhone). Does this pose a threat to the already popular Android, iOS games – Angry Birds & Heist?

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By Debjit

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