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Chromoting Android App – Remote Desktop For Android Phones & Chrome Browser

Chromoting Android app Screenshots

Well, here is something that has the potential to disrupt the remote desktop on mobile space. The chromium team at Google has started working an unique app called the Chromoting Android App using which you can access another user’s Android Device screen and the system pretty much like the Chrome Remote Desktop app which is…


By Debjit

Top 5 Android RTS Games That Give Real Time Gaming Experience

Top 5 Android RTS Games That Give Real Time Gaming Experience

Different genres of games exist and often use terms that may be foreign to the less than avid gamer. One of those types of games is the one known as real time strategy or RTS. The following explains more about what this term means and some of the top games that are available in this…

 Gaming   Lists  

By Debjit

5 Ways How iPhone & Android Are Changing The Game of Social Networking

Social Network on Android & iOS

It is no secret that smartphones have taken the world by storm in recent years. Only a couple of years ago, the term ‘smartphone’ were relatively unknown and such devices were exclusively used by geeks and technology enthusiasts. Since then, smartphones have rapidly progressed and made everyone their slaves. The iPhone came out in 2007,…

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By Debjit

6 Ways You Can Control Your Home with Video Conferencing in iPhone, iPad and Android

There are a lot of things that you can control from the convenience of your Smartphone. It has become quite the complex gadget. There is not a whole lot in and around your household that you are not able to control directly from your handheld device. There is no reason that you will have to…

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By Debjit

Spy Software Can Prevent From Political Dissidents

Net Spy Mobile Android Pictures

With the advent of recent advancements and ever changing environment, the list detailing the use of modern technology continually grows longer and is limitless. Technology has helped a lot of people in doing their respective works. In government agencies, technology is also very helpful especially in safety and security aspects. An example is the Spy…


By Debjit

A New Look and Feel for the Pandora Application on Android

Pandora Android App Playlist Images

Applications that want to keep your business update regularly, and that should be a lesson to everyone. Those who want to keep their customers happy are always going to be looking for ways to improve. A great recent example of this is the new version of the Pandora application available for Android devices. Many people…

 App-A-Day   Mobile  

By Debjit

Build your Own Android based Kiosk Device to run Web Applications

Build a Web Kiosk that runs on Android

Web kiosks are growing in popularity rather quickly. Those Kiosks are convenient, and people find that they enjoy having control over their groceries, food order, movie tickets, or pretty much just about anything. It is becoming more common for people to turn to a kiosk instead of a human just to try and expedite things…

 Android   How-To  

By Debjit

5 Reasons Why Android Need Not Fear the iPhone 5 (iOS 6)

Android Logo

The Apple iPhone 5 is here. Should Android fans, developers and phone manufacturers be concerned?

 Apple   Google   Opinion  

By Debjit

Does Your Smart Phone’s OS Fit Your Personality?

Apple Logo

Find out if your phone’s OS fits your personality and discover the things different platform users say about each other.


By Debjit

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