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Google Removes Paid-Apps Section From Android Market In Taiwan

Android Market

Google has pulled down the paid-apps section from Android Market for users in Taiwan as a result of the fine which the Taiwan Govt. has slapped on Google for complying with the Taiwan Govt.’s requirements for a 7 day refund window for products.

 Android   Google   News  

By Debjit on June 28th

Android Market: 80% Apps Hardly Downloaded Ever!

Android Market: No. Of Downloads vs. % of Apps

The applications ecosystem in smart-phones like the iPhone have already created a number of “Millionaire” success stories. In fact there are several iOS developers who went on to build successful companies just by developing awesome applications for the iPhone or the iPad. However, the story has not been the same for developers on the Android…

 Android   News  

By Adam on May 30th

Google Blocks Rooted Devices From Android Market Movie Rentals

Movies in Android Market Banned for Rooted Android devices

At the recently held I/O Conference, Google made an announcement that will help all movie buffs to rent and watch movies directly from the Android Market. Titled “Movie Rentals” this new feature from Google lets users rent movie titles on the Android Market’s website after which users can watch them in various ways such as…

 Android   Google   News  

By Debjit on May 24th

Android Stats: 200K Market Apps, 400K New Activations Daily, Malware Up By 400%

Visualising the world-wide growth of Android

Android is growing at a real fast pace. Given the fact that, more and more manufacturers are taking to Android as the de-facto operating system for their smart phones, this growth is only going to get bigger. At this year’s Google I/O conference (which is happening currently) people from Google shared some very good looking…

 Android   News  

By Debjit on May 11th

Google Deletes 21 Malware Apps From Android Market

Android Malware

No doubt Android is gradually becoming one of the most widely used Smartphone operating systems. And given the free nature of Android’s usage policies, more and more Mobile device companies are taking to Android each day. Oh, please forget Nokia for a while. However the problem with Android’s open unmoderated ecosystem is that devices running…

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By Debjit on March 2nd

Android Market Gets A Web Store – Allows App Installation From The Web


At the Honeycomb event today, Google has just announced a new web store for the Android Market. The web store allows users to browse through apps and make purchase and install over the air. Once the user install an app from the web store, the app will automatically get downloaded and install to their device….

 Android   News  

By Ricky on February 3rd

Android Market Refund Window To Be Reduced To 15 Minutes

Android Market Refund Window To Be Reduced To 15 Minutes

Google is introducing some changes to the Android Market. There are quite a few changes coming up but the one that is expected to affect users the most if the reduction of the refund window from 24 hours to 15 minutes. Google says that this is because most users who request a refund do so…

 Android   News  

By Ricky on December 11th

Android Market Update Brings Related Apps And Comment Rating

Android Market Update Brings Related Apps And Comment Rating

Today Google has updated the Android Market to bring two sought after features – Related Apps and Comment Rating. As it should be obvious, the Related tab lists the apps which are related to the selected app. Although it is called Related, it is more like Similar apps. The apps listed are not necessarily related – they…

 Android   News  

By Ricky on December 4th

Google Introducing Content Rating In The Android Market

Google Introducing Content Rating In The Android Market

Today Google has started sending out emails to the Android developers asking them to add an age rating to their apps before 30th November. According to Google this is a highly requested feature.

 Android   News  

By Ricky on November 25th

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