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Android vs iOS Apps : Basic Development Differences

Android vs iOS Apps : Basic Development Differences

If one looks at the smartphone world of today, only two platforms are dominant – Android and iOS. These two platforms have overshadowed every other platforms in the world of smartphones. There are already a huge number of Apps available for both of these platforms – and the number is still increasing. In this article,…

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By Nihal

Android Market: 80% Apps Hardly Downloaded Ever!

Android Market: No. Of Downloads vs. % of Apps

The applications ecosystem in smart-phones like the iPhone have already created a number of “Millionaire” success stories. In fact there are several iOS developers who went on to build successful companies just by developing awesome applications for the iPhone or the iPad. However, the story has not been the same for developers on the Android…

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By Adam

Android Stats: 200K Market Apps, 400K New Activations Daily, Malware Up By 400%

Visualising the world-wide growth of Android

Android is growing at a real fast pace. Given the fact that, more and more manufacturers are taking to Android as the de-facto operating system for their smart phones, this growth is only going to get bigger. At this year’s Google I/O conference (which is happening currently) people from Google shared some very good looking…

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By Debjit

How Windows Phone 7 Is Helping Students Pay Their College Tuition

Windows Phone 7 Logo

Microsoft has published a case study which talks about two students who have made enough money to take care of their college tuition fees all by developing ad-supported mobile applications for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Two students Jake Poznanski and his classmate Sam Kaufmann have developed simple game applications on the Windows Phone 7…


By Adam

Google Deletes 21 Malware Apps From Android Market

Android Malware

No doubt Android is gradually becoming one of the most widely used Smartphone operating systems. And given the free nature of Android’s usage policies, more and more Mobile device companies are taking to Android each day. Oh, please forget Nokia for a while. However the problem with Android’s open unmoderated ecosystem is that devices running…

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By Debjit

Mozilla Planning To Release Firefox 5, 6 And 7 In 2011

Firefox 4 was supposed to be already available by now. It was scheduled for release in late 2010. It is now February 2011, and we are still having one beta after the other with no sign of when the final release will come. In short, Mozilla is having lots of problems with the delay in…

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By Ricky

Windows Phone 7 To Have 1000+ Apps For The European Launch

Windows Phone 7 To Have 1000+ Apps For The European Launch

Microsoft has plans of adding over as much as 1000 applications to the marketplace before the Windows Phone 7 Europe Launch which is expected to take place on October 21. Microsoft is urging the developers to submit their apps early to the new App Hub.

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By Zenobia

Google Launches Their Google TV Website

Google Launches Their Google TV Website

Internet giant Google is all set to enter your living room. At the Google I/O in May this year, Google announced Google TV. Google TV is expected to be available starting next week. Today they have launched the website for Google TV. With the site, Google has finally shed some light on the features of…

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By Ricky – A Cross Media Distribution System – A Cross Media Distribution System

Lukup provides Cross Media Distribution of rich media appliations and advertisements with it’s new platform.

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By Ricky

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