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85% Of Firefox Users Install Add-ons

85% Of Firefox Users Install Add-ons

We all know that add-ons are one of the best things about Firefox and Firefox users love their add-ons. However there was never any clear data on the add-ons installed untill Firefox 4.

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By Ricky

How To Save All Opened Tabs As Pages in Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox for browsing purpose then you might have many opened tabs at once. If you want to save all the pages at once, a simple add-on can do that for you.


By Debjit

Firefox 5 Benchmarked – Faster And Better Than Ever Before!

Officially, Firefox 5 is scheduled for release tomorrow. However, users of the beta channel have already got their hands on it. We took tested Firefox 5 and benchmarked it against two other browsers – Google Chrome and Opera.

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By Ricky

Firefox 5 Available Ahead Of Schedule

Firefox 5 Available Ahead Of Schedule

Firefox 5 is supposed to be officially available on 21st June, but it seems like it has been rolled out to those who have been using it from the beta channel.

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By Ricky

Google Withdraws Support For Internet Explorer 7 And Other Older Browsers

Starting from August 1, 2011 Google will stop supporting older versions of various browsers like the Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5 and Safari 3 on all of it’s web based products such as GMail, Google Docs and more.

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By Debjit

Twitter Partners With Photobucket On Photos And Firefox On Search

Twitter has confirmed that it is launching a photo sharing service in partnership with Photobucket and an improved search. After its recent acquisition of TweetDeck and AdGrok, Twitter sure is expanding very fast.

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By Debjit

New Firefox Scare-ware Tricking Users Into Installing Fake Anti-Virus

With the MacDefender scare-ware infecting so many Macs, which many previously considered very secure, it is easy to forget where the main malware problems is. Well, there is a new scare-ware for Windows which is tricking users into installing a fake anti-virus by using Firefox. This is how the new Firefox scare-ware works: User visits…

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By Debjit

Mozilla Intros Website Permissions Manager In Firefox 5; More Power To The User

Firefox 5 - about:permissions

Mozilla has introduced the about:permissions page in Firefox 5, just like you have the about:config page. This page has a list of all websites that you have visited and it lists the permissions that these websites have while interacting with your browser.

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By Debjit

How To Install Firefox 5 Beta In Ubuntu Using PPA

Firefox 5 In Ubuntu

With the new accelerated development (or rather versioning) of Firefox, Firefox 5 beta had been released a few days back. In this post, we will tell you how to install from Mozilla’s PPA. As of now, there are not much visible changes between Firefox 4 and Firefox 5. There are a few improvements under the…

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By Ricky

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