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Firefox Gets Its Own A Compact Navigation Interface Like That In Chrome

Yesterday, Google Chrome introduced a new compact interface which does away with the URL bar in its Canary build. not, to be left behind Mozilla Firefox, too, has come out with its version of compact interface. To get Firefox’s version of the compact navigation, you have to install an extension called LessChrome HD (click on this link and…

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By Ricky

Firefox 5 Enters The Beta Channel

As you are probably aware, Mozilla has recently adopted a new accelerated development cycle for Firefox. With that, they have created  a new Aurora channel and Firefox 5 has been in the Aurora channel for a while. Yesterday, Mozilla has finally decided to bring Firefox 5 to the beta channel. Right now, Firefox 5 Beta…


By Ricky

Download Firefox 5 For Android: Updated With ‘Do Not Track’

Download Firefox 5 For Android: Updated With ‘Do Not Track’

Firefox beta for Android was launched in an alpha release in April 2010. Considering the privacy factor, Firefox for Android has been now updated with the ability for users to turn on the “Do Not Track” privacy feature also found in its full scale version. This makes Firefox the only mobile browsers which support privacy…

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By Nihal

Download & Install Mozilla Firefox 5 In Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows & Mac OS

Aurora - Mozilla Firefox

Although, all the excitement with Mozilla’s Firefox 4 has not been yet over, Mozilla has come up with the alpha version of it’s forthcoming browser – Firefox 5! Currently codenamed as the Aurora, it is the Firefox 5 Alpha 2. Well Aurora happens to be the general name for all forthcoming alpha versions of the…

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By Debjit

Now Play Angry Birds In Chrome, Firefox, IE & Safari

Angry Birds "Chrome Dimension"

The most successful game for mobile platforms – Angry Birds has now made it’s way to the web and is now available on any web browser. We have already told you that Rovio has launched a spechial Google Chrome version of the Angry Birds game on the Chrome Webstore. But, since the game is hosted…

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By Debjit

Display Download Progress In Unity Launcher Using UnityFox [Ubuntu 11.04]

For all the Unity fans, here is a cool plugin for Firefox which better integrates Firefox with Unity. UnityFox is an extension for Firefox which adds a progress bar for downloads in the Firefox icon in the Unity launcher. The extension is currently in development and has not been reviewed by Mozilla yet. But if…

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By Ricky

Firefox 6 For Linux To Be As Fast As Firefox Currently Is On Windows (And Less Sluggish)

Firefox Logo

As linux users ourselves, we have been frequently fed up with the sluggish nature of the Firefox browser on Linux. Some time back,we told you about Opera 10 which was a bit less sluggish on Linux but then Google Chrome changed everything. However, for many Linux users Firefox is still the most preferred web browser…

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By Debjit

How To Quit And Restart Fennec (Firefox For Mobile) On Android?

Fennec Logo

If you have been using an Android OS powered mobile phone, then you may have noticed that there is no way to quit or exit an application as Android automatically pauses applications when they are in the background and closes them when free memory is needed after more new applications are opened. In this article we…


By Debjit

Mozilla Releases List Of 50 Add-Ons That Slow Down Firefox

Firefox Logo

Mozilla has released a list of 50 Firefox add-ons which slow down the Firefox browser and increase it’s start-up time.  Not only this, some heavy or buggy add-ons can even slow down Firefox to a level which makes it very difficult to use the brpwser even for regular web browsing. For best performance of the…


By Debjit

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