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3 Examples Of Bad Social Media Strategies / Policies

Bad Social Media Policies

Social media, as many of you know, can be a powerful tool. However, like a car, it must be wielded by someone who knows its capabilities and inner workings. When used incorrectly, this tool can prove devastating. There are plenty of examples of when the use of social media has not been thought through: Thomas…

 Opinion   Social Media  

By Debjit

Latest Mozilla Thunderbird Now Supports IM, Chat, IRC, Facebook & Twitter

Mozilla Thunderbird gets support for Chat Client

The new Mozilla Thunderbird with Firefox 11 is now available, and we can see some noticeable changes and enhancements in the browser. It has an updated Gecko engine, but more interestingly, some major support for instant messaging and chat for users. While the Thunderbird 13 boasts of these features, they aren’t fully complete yet. So…

 News   Web  

By Debjit

Apple Seeks to bring iOS Into OS X, Chooses Twitter Over Facebook

Mac Twitter App

The developer preview of Apple’s next OS version for Mac is now available, just seven months after the launch of the OS X Lion. The next bug-cat themed desktop operating system from the company is called OS X Mountain Lion and will be available for full download by consumers this summer, according to Apple. Once…

 Apple   News  

By Debjit

Pinterest Overtakes Youtube, Google, Myspace; Generates More Traffic In 6 Months Generates Massive Traffic in just 6 Months

When it comes to referral traffic, everyone knows that Facebook tops the list. And no matter how hard Google may try to compete with it, it never quite will. The massive user base of Facebook, and the amount of data shared from within and in connection with it is enormous. But in cyberspace, startup companies…


By Debjit

Did Twitter Just Kill Twitpic? Twitter Launches Photo Integration With PhotoBucket

Twitter launches Photo integration with Photobucket

Twitter recently unveiled a built-in Photo upload feature wherein users can directly upload pictures from inside the Twitter website and have it uploaded and added to their tweets automatically. No more heading to 3rd party websites.

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By Debjit

Twitter For Android Now Supports Multiple Account And Push Notification

Twitter For Android Now Supports Multiple Account And Push Notification

Twitter has released a new version of its Android app today. The new version of Twitter for Android brings two important features – Multiple Account Support and Push Notification.

 Android   App-A-Day   News   Twitter  

By Ricky

Twitter Reports 560% Developer Growth – 1 Million Apps & 0.75M Developers

Twitter Developers

Twitter reports a 560% growth in Developer activity 0.75M active developers who have developed more than 1 million applications using the Twitter API.

 News   Programming   Twitter  

By Debjit

LinkedIn Becomes 2nd Most Visited Social Networking Site In U.S. – Surpasses Myspace

According to a Comscore survey, Professional social network LinkedIn, surpassed Myspace in terms of number of unique visitors to social networking site in the U.S. in the month of June.

 Facebook   Social Media   Twitter  

By Debjit

Twitter Seeks $7 Billion Valuation

Twitter Seeks $7 Billion Valuation

Amidst all the internet companies going public by offering IPOs, Twitter has planned not to go for it for now. It is continuing to tap private investors. Twitter is once again raising money, this time at a $7 billion valuation according to Wall Street Journal.

 Social Media   Twitter  

By Debjit

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